DULZORADA is an autonomous press dedicated to the publication of classic and contemporary Latin American literary works in translation. We are inspired by the necessity to constantly reevaluate, restore and recover Latin American narratives into their historical context for English speaking audiences around the world.

DULZORADA is a polyseme, a multiple-meaning word invented by the Peruvian poet Cesar Vallejo in his seminal work of poetry, Trilce (1922).

Dulzorada connects the words dulzor (sweetness), luz (light), dorada (golden) and rada (harbor) placing them in resonant play, letting their potentials proliferate. It can be used as an adjective, a noun or a verb; it can also be a name/place for our actions and our affections.

Like many other words in Trilce, Dulzorada ardently resists the reductive operations of definition and significance, and stands in open connection with the immanent possibilities of language to create, remake, remodel, transform.